Health Law May Strain Mental Health System

ACA Mental Health

“We have under-supply and a mismatch in distribution,” Christiana’s Marcus said. “Fortunately, we’ve had some lead time to work on this. We’re hiring behavioral health care professionals on an ongoing basis and we’re in close consultation with state officials to coordinate our plans. We have to step up all of our games.” To address more severe shortages in rural areas, Lewes-based Beebe Healthcare now has a partnership with In-Sight Telepsychiatry, offering its staff video consults with psychiatric specialists.
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Improve Outcomes For Children And Their Parents: Fund Family-Focused Mental Health Care

Ascend is committed to creating opportunities for both children and their parents to move up the economic ladder, sustaining a legacy of economic security and educational success across generations. Ascend believes children and their parents can achieve their dreams together. Amazing transformation can happen when we focus on inter-generational solutions. Current mental health funding requirements, however, make our job of helping families more difficult. Under prevailing law, three criteria must exist to be eligible for children’s mental health funding: (1) a medical diagnosis for the child; (2) a mental health service plan that treats the specific diagnosis; and (3) a family income below a certain threshold.
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Hidden barrier to mental health treatments in community health centers

The availability of mental health services at community health centers are dependent on insurance reimbursement succeeding the primary medical care. This is a barrier to receiving mental health services. Medcaid is the major source of insurance revenue for health centers. Unfortunately, there is a policy barrier stating behavioral services and medical care cannot be billed on the same day.
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